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Intel - E2160 1. 80G 1MB 800MHZ Pentium Dual Core Processor Box

E2160 1 80G 1MB 800MHZ Pentium Dual

Improve your pc capability with a E2160 1. 80G 1MB 800MHZ Pentium Dual from Intel. 735858193740 is the barcode, also called the Universal Product Code for this wonderful product. I'm sure you will love that the cpu includes this feature, processor type - intel pentium dual-core e2160. Other highlights include l2 cache speed - 1. 80ghz, cpu speed - 1. 80ghz and bus speed - 800 mhz. It's dimensions are 3.9"H x 6.7"L x 6.2"W. Searching for E2160 1. 80G 1MB 800MHZ. To take advantage of the discount I discovered, visit our partners via the add to cart button.


Model: BX80557E2160
UPS: 735858193740
Package Quantity: 1


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