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Intel Pentium 4 3. 2GHZ 800MHZ 512KB Socket 478 Cpu

Pentium 4 3 2GHZ 800MHZ 512KB Socket

Frequently you will get more affordable prices when you purchase on the Internet than you would in real shops. The Pentium 4 3. 2GHZ 800MHZ 512KB Socket - a great item manufactured by Intel is a good cpu for your pc. I feel you will love that the item comes along with 3. 2 ghz clock speed fc-pga2 478-pin package 800 mhz system bus 512 kb l2 advanced transfer cache.


MPN: P43200478
UPS: 683728166908
Package Quantity: 1

Don't get behind with slow speeds! 2GHz processor with 800MHz Front Side Bus! Upgrade your system using the potent Intel Pentium4 3.


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