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Intel Pentium E5400 Processor 2. 7 Ghz 2MB Cache Socket LGA775

Pentium E5400 Processor 2 7 Ghz 2MB

The Intel Pentium E5400 Processor 2. 7 Ghz 2MB Cache Socket LGA775 is a superb solution for your computer. One of the many key features is the intel pentium processor delivers great desktop and mobile performance. Additional features include things like multitasking for everyday computing and low power enhancements. It's 5.95" Height x 5.85" Length x 3.25" Width and has got a weight of 0.4 lbs. The pentium e5400 processor 2. 7 ghz 2mb. For additional details on this Intel processor, visit our store button.


Model: BX80571E5400
UPS: 675900997417
Package Quantity: 1

The Intel Pentium processor with Intel dual-core technology delivers great desktop and mobile performance, low power enhancements, and multitasking for everyday computing. An escalating quantity of software applications are now designed for dual-core processors enabling the user to be a lot more creative and productive inside the home or the office. The want for security and virus protection often signifies operating over a single application at a time also as the Intel Pentium processor dual-core has the power to run them simultaneously. Go beyond everyday computing with each of the Intel Pentium processor dual-core.


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